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A comprehensive suite of solutions for your organization to maximum visibility, gain insights, and increase output.

Team Performance

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your team's performance through detailed reports.

Cycle Time

Examine pull requests to identify and unblock bottlenecks, while identifying work trends, and irregularities.

Performance Reviews

Use visualizations to understand work patterns and track progress for performance evaluations based on data.

Activity Log

View your teams' tickets, pull requests,  commits, and reviews and all in spot.

Custom Dashboards

Generate detailed reports driven by data, customized to meet your specific requirements.

Executive Reports

Reports designed for executives to assess work distribution including Software Capitalization

C.I. Efficiency

Measure and improve C.I. related efficiency, flakiness, and expenses

Email Reports

Receive regular email reports containing detailed summaries of development information.

DORA Metrics

Accelerate software delivery by leveraging real-time DORA metrics.

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